Sports Premium 20-21 - Evaluated





Monitoring & Outcomes




Enhanced SLA with Sedgefield ssp



  • Access to specialist coaching support throughout the year in PE lessons.
  • CPD for Teachers TA’s and HCEA everyone given opportunity to attend at least one CPD PE day.
  • Various sports taster days. Children have access to competitions and festivals throughout the year.

·         Virtual competitions currently due to COVID 19 restrictions

  • KH – Monitor pupil progress. Teacher feedback.
    Completed via efl
  • Regular feedback from coach and teachers. Pupil progress.
    KH feedback to SLT.
  • Children have access to a wide range of sporting clubs with professional sports coaches.
    Virtually achieved
  • Children have experience a wider variety of sports such as boccia, new age kurling, goal ball, badminton.
    Completed within in bubbles for some classes  
  • KH – Monitor pupils’ activity levels regarding participating in competitions and festivals. Pupil feedback –Staff feedback regarding potential G&T pupils.
    Virtual oppos

·         PE Health Check completed annually to help us to continue to improve – completed MARCH 2021


  • Teachers gain knowledge to continue high quality level of PE teaching
  • Skills gained to be disseminated around school staff
  • Pupils will have improved PE skills, teachers will have experience in more inter-school competitive situations and more ideas to bring to enhancing their PE lessons.


SLA was adapted due to covid to provide us with virtual support instead of face-to-face provision.



Relax kids sessions


  • COVID secure sessions in 2 classes per week for 1 hour each until Christmas
  • Specialised staff training class staff on benfits and practices of relax kids to improve children mental health and well being
  • Pupils to be settled in class and around school
  • Teachers gain extra knowledge to use in class to support pupils
  • Staff to learn Relax kids strategies to use in class after the 4 sessions they receive


Relax kids was stopped due to covid  - money was disseminated amongst cases to by resources for providing their own mindfulness and relax kids based sessions to improve pupil wellbeing


Table cricket sessions


  • Pupils to have access to competition in February
  • Take part against mainstream schools in inter school comp
  • Pupils enjoy competition
  • Pupils learn new skills
  • Class staff have extra training
  • Pupils to disseminate their skills to others in different classes during lunch time sessions after the event


Completed – this was postponed but took place in June and July.  Extra  sessions provided pupils with a full half term of sessions.



Extra equipment for support bubbles


  • All classes to be able to take part in PE lessons whilst safely adhering to COVID 19 restrictions
  • KH  / DW to complete audit and questionnaire asking classes what resources they need
    KH to ordered new equipment  Jan  - March2021


Pupils will enjoy high quality PE lessons with suitable resources and equipment


Deposit paid for Acitvall board




  • Acitvall board is a board that can be used inside and outside to promote high insteity exercise for pupils of all ages and abilities
  • KH to set up timetable for use in all classes
  • Evidence seen on efl – montiored by KH

Completed and ongoing into next year

Pupils will have more opportunities to be active within the day  - meet the requirements of active 30 national strategy