SEN Provision

How we support SEN

Our school is purpose built to meet the needs of young people with SEN. We are very well resourced and we believe that our staff are the school's greatest resource. They are appropriately qualified and well trained across all aspects of SEND. They work together as a team to provide a high quality, consistent learning environment and a highly structured curriculum that ensures maximum achievement.

Our staff support pupils in a variety of ways; helping them to develop not only their academic skills and knowledge but also their social and communication skills, independence and self-help skills. Our staff carry out physiotherapy, occupational therapy and Speech and Language programmes and help each pupil reach their full potential in every way possible. We use a wide range of approaches and interventions specific to the needs of our pupils to support teaching and learning including TEACCH, SCERTS, Intensive Interaction, PECS, Rebound Therapy and Makaton. Our staff are committed, enthusiastic and hard working and see each pupil as the individual they are.

Classes are staffed depending on levels of need. Pupils with higher levels of need are in smaller classes with a higher staffing ratio. The maximum number of pupils in any one class is 12 and the lowest is 7.

We have excellent communication with families to ensure that we are all working on the same goals. We support parents by having an ‘open door’ policy, ensuring that they feel welcomed into the school and that their opinions and feelings are valued and taken on board.

How do we identify and assess children with SEN?

All pupils at Evergreen have a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan, so we know that they have additional needs and the provision that they need. If you think your child should be getting more support than they are offered on a daily basis, please contact the school SENCo/Assistant Head Teacher, Jayne Curtis.

We use ongoing formative assessment and use B’Squared Small Steps assessment to ensure all our pupils are making maximum progress and that even the smallest achievement can be recognised. Most pupils are working on P Levels, however, we do have some who are working on National Curriculum levels in some subjects and where appropriate they will complete SATS in years 2 and 6. All pupils have an Individual Education Plan with targets and outcomes based upon their Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan, this is reviewed and updated each term in conjunction with parents.

We intend that our pupils will make the best possible progress and understand that this is very individual to each of them. We have the highest expectations of all our pupils and recognise achievements in all areas of their development.

Pastoral, Medical and Social Support

We have a school nurse as well as a Home/Health Support worker. They work closely in liaison with parents, local doctors, consultants, and specialist nursing teams, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers.
A number of our pupils have Epilepsy and the staff team all receive training on the administration of Emergency Medication and recognising different types of seizure. Some pupils have more complex medical needs and a core team of staff have very specialised training to ensure that our young people are safe at school.
Any pupil with a medical condition has a medical management plan, signed and agreed by families and school staff. We carry out the instructions on the plans to ensure the safety and well-being of our pupils.

Consultants hold their clinics within school which is less stressful for the child and their parents/carers. It also means that pupils do not loose valuable time at school.

We work closely with LDCAMHS and the Disabled Children and Families Team at Social Services. Regular health and care team meetings are held in school.

Durham Social Services

How we consult with SEN pupils

The pupils are at the centre of all our work at Evergreen School and we strive to develop the best communication opportunities for each and every our pupil. We believe in seeking the views or our pupils and use a range of methods to enable ‘pupil voice’. We have a school council who are consulted on issues and initiative within school and are part of the interview process for new staff. Pupils are supported in deciding next steps in their learning and in assessing their own, and others work.

Additional Help

Please contact Jayne Curtis, Assistant Head and SENCO for further information on 01388 459721, or email

If you have any questions about our SEND Local Offer please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Evergreen Primary School provides extra-curricular clubs on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 3.00pm and 4 pm. Activities include sport, cooking, arts and crafts, ICT, hydro, sensory activities and use of the interactive room.

Holiday clubs are offered in the autumn, spring and summer holidays between the times of 10am and 2pm. A variety of activities are offered and we try to accommodate as many pupils as possible.

Pupils have regular access to educational visits and reward trips and activities. We also offer a residential trip in Year 6.

Accessibility Plan

Under the Equality Act 2010 all schools must have a Accessibility Plan, you can download a copy of ours below.