School Transition

Once a young person has been offered a place at our school, we will work with all parties involved to plan their transition. The process is flexible and will take into account the views and needs of the child and their parents/carers. It may include visiting them in their current setting to talk to key staff and get to know the young person. The young person can visit the school with the staff who currently support them and spend time in their new class so they can get to know everyone and become familiar with the school and routines. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will meet with parents/carers and hold discussions around what they want for their child and the best ways that we can provide that support.

Transition across year groups and key stages within school is seamless. Each child has a communication passport which holds all their relevant information and strategies and moves with them from class to class.

In year 5 a ‘transition review’ is held for the young person to discuss the next phase of their education. Once a secondary placement has been agreed the transition process begins in Year 6. We organise transition sessions for Year 6 pupils to their new schools and work closely with them to pass on all relevant information and records.

If you have any questions about our SEND Local Offer please contact school and we will try our best to help you.