Agencies & Partnerships

External Agencies & Partnerships

We work in close partnership with other agencies to support our pupils in all areas of their development.
Our partners include:

Occupational Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy
Inclusion and Achievement SEND Team – Sensory Support - Durham Sensory Support Website
Educational Psychology Service - Durham Education Psychology Site

We also work with a number of local schools offering help and advice to enable them to support their pupils with SEND.
Evergreen has gained accreditation from the National Autistic Society who work with us giving guidance and support to ensure so that we continue to work to improve the quality of provision for our pupils with autism.

Training and Expertise

Staff at Evergreen Primary School have a wealth of training and expertise across the field of SEND. Staff are supported to develop expertise in their areas of interest.
We recognise and value the vast amount of knowledge and skills held by our own staff and strive to promote the use of peer collaboration as a means of staff development. The long term well-being of the pupils is of paramount concern and training in medical needs, safeguarding, first aid, team teach and Midas is kept up to date.

The governing body ensures that the needs of the school, as laid out in the School Improvement Plan, as well as individual professional development needs are met. Individual Development needs are assessed and reviewed through performance management procedures and individual training needs identified. Continuous Professional Development in SEN is supported by targeted in-service training and attendance on courses.

Parent Support and Consultation

At Evergreen school we recognise that parents and carers hold valuable knowledge and information about their children. We therefore, strive to nurture relationships to enable us to work together in supporting our children. We have an ‘open door’ policy whereby parents can contact school at any time. Parents/carers are invited to review meetings to discuss the needs of their child, review progress and to be involved in setting targets with appropriate intervention strategies to help the child both in school and at home. Information and links to external agencies are available to parents via the school website, from the school and the SENCO. The school employs a Health and Home Support Assistant whose role it is to liaise with parents and families and support them wherever necessary. We recognise parents and carers of children with SEND may, at times, require support themselves and we aim to be there to help in whatever way needed. The school runs a parent support group and training for parents / carers.