Reading at Evergreen

Child reading 1.jpgReading is much more than just letters and words on a page. Reading is communication. Reading is imagination. Reading is Participation.

At Evergreen our aim is to develop a love of reading for all our pupils. Our pupils have a diverse range of learner characteristics relating to their SEND. They have different abilities, needs and interests and the reading approach at Evergreen takes all these things into account.

The ability to read is an essential skill that spans a child’s school years and beyond. Reading provides personal enjoyment, access to information and learning, and opens up opportunities throughout daily life and in preparation for adulthood.

child reading 2.jpgAll children are different. All children learn differently. A strategy that might be successful with one child may not make sense to another particularly those with SEND.

Evergreen school has developed reading pathways which enable our pupils to learn to read in a way which best suits their learning styles and ensures they are making progress.

Child reading 3.jpgThe reading pathways include both synthetic phonic and sight word approaches.

Many children at Evergreen have receptive and expressive language difficulties which makes understanding what they have read difficult for them. They also have working memory problems which means they are unable to hold a sting of sounds and words in their head. Some have auditory processing difficulties which impacts on their ability to hear and process the sounds in a word and to be able to break them apart or blend them together to sound out new or unfamiliar words.

Each child is assessed at an individual level through careful observation and discussion to determine which pathway, approaches and strategies will support their reading journey. The assessment process is continual and monitored by each child’s personal learning leader to ensure progress, consistency and continuity.

Children are engaged in daily Communication, Language and Literacy lessons. Drop Everything and Read sessions happen daily to instil and develop a love of reading. Opportunities to read are provided across the curriculum in a range of contexts and environments and for different purposes.

Childn reading 4.jpg
Child reading 5.jpg“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn the more places you will go”    - Dr Seuss







Reading Pathways

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